Genzyme Corporation

Genzyme ALF Expansion
Cambridge, MA

Since 1981, Genzyme has been a world leader in biotechnology companies dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those individuals living with serious diseases. The Genzyme ALF Expansion was designed specifically to create a more modern and transparent image for the company, all the while staying true to the corporate image of the company. The existing Genzyme building was originally designed to maintain a strong visual link to the surrounding buildings with brick and lead-coated copper facades, and it was the goal of the project to uphold this overall look and feel, as well.

The Genzyme ALF Expansion project challenged Business Interiors Floor Covering personnel to think about materials that would support the idea of transparency and light throughout the building. In the end, Business Interiors Floor Covering worked with a material selection of tile carpeting, linoleum, ceramic flooring and wall tiles, slate flooring and rubber sheet flooring all in a neutral gray scheme. This allowed Business Interior Floor Covering to create a bright and open area that reflected much of the natural daylight let in and also expertly wove the old and new sides of the building together for visually appealing finished product.

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